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Home made, locally sourced food and drink.




Local Cheeses

Wide range of Northumberland, cheeses for example : -Doddington (Cuddy’s Cave), somewhere between a Gouda and farmhouse cheddar, it is made from raw cow's milk and aged up to 15 months on pine boards in the cool cellars of their farm.

Our counter is stocked with the best local Northumberland cheeses as well as a good selection or British and European products.

We have richly marinated olives, the finest charcuterie, home baked pies, quiches, pates, pastries and desserts.


We bake daily and you can try our home made baked goods including cheese scones and cakes.


· Home made ham.

· Home cooked roast beef .

· Chicken

· Turkey

· Chorizo

· Parma Ham

· Black pudding.

· Antipasti

A wide choice of loose olives, artichokes, tomatoes, peppers and seafood in oils and brine.

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· Steak Pies

· Mince Rounds, with or without mushy peas (in the pie!)

· Scotch Pies

· Chicken and veg pies

· Cornish pasties

· Cheese and onion pasties

· Home made cheese scones

Variety of Ready Meals





Sunday and Bank Holidays